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Young artists from Zavkhan, Mongolia used recycled banners and their imagination to create graffiti art for the Zavkhan Youth Development Centre opening! 

The goal of the project is to contribute in building the resilience of young men and women and reducing their vulnerability in the face of rapid social and economic change. The project will enhance young men and women’s life skills, equipping them to claim their rights and exercise their civic responsibilities and increase their employability. The life skills programme will include targeted gender-based violence prevention education for youth as well as educators. The project will also strengthen youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services, emphasising outreach to young men and women, coupled with a ramping up of services in areas where need is high but coverage is poor. An important delivery vehicle for the project services will be multi-purpose youth development centres which will offer a range of skills development services, such as career planning, and healthy leisure activities. It will also create enabling policy environment, with effective advocacy mechanisms and behaviour change communication to help realization of project objectives. This project is funded jointly by UNFPA, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Government of Mongolia. 

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Дэлхийн хүн амын өдөр, 2014 он - "Залуучуудад хөрөнгө оруулалт хийх нь" C1 телевиз


Эрүүл оюутан - Эрүүл ирээдүй


НҮБ-ын Хүн амын сангийн Монгол дахь суурин төлөөлөгч Хатагтай Наоми Китахарагийн Олон улсын эмэгтэйчүүдийн өдөрт зориулан NTV-д өгсөн ярилцлага: Жендэрийн тэгш байдалд ёс заншил, уламжлал чухал үүрэг гүйцэтгэдэг.


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