Two national consultants on GBV costing study

3 November 2017

UNFPA Mongolia Country Office

The Mongolia Country Office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international development agency, is inviting prospective individuals to provide consultancy services.


Two national consultants on GBV costing study (one consultant will be in charge of health and  social welfare/protection sector, another consultant will be in charge  of justice and police)


2 months

Issue date:               

20 October 2017

Deadline date:

3 November 2017, 12:00 am hours Ulaanbaatar time

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is the principal donor for UNFPA Mongolia CO's "Combating GBV Project" from 2016 – 2020, with the overarching goal to strengthen the national capacity to combat GBV.  UNFPA Mongolia CO is committed to strengthening national capacity by working with our implementing partners such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (which hosts the National Committee on Gender Equality), the National Statistics Office (NSO), etc. UNFPA’s objective in working with such implementing partners are focused on upstream work, influencing policy development and implementation that would provide improved systematic practices and better policies and programmes to help combat GBV. It is against this background that the GBV costing exercise is launched first to estimate the current level of budget availability to provide essential services to victims/survivors of violence. This will form a basis of further costing exercise including the economic cost of GBV/DV. It is a baselining exercise in terms of service provisions given to victims of GBV/DV. Once the GBV prevalence study results are made available (which are expected to take place in early 2018), it is envisaged that the optimal level of the budget allocations be calculated, based on the findings of this study.
Description of services required
UNFPA Mongolia CO plans to contract two national consultants based in Mongolia to undertake the costing study.  They will be guided by experts from the advisory panel, which is established particularly for this purpose, and is comprised of UNFPA and international experts.  It is envisaged that one national consultant will be in charge of health and social welfare/protection sector, while the other, justice and police.  In order to ensure coordination of the study, UNFPA welcomes a joint and single proposal, and it will be given a priority in the selection process. The primary objectives of the consultancy are to derive how much budgets are currently being spent to provide essential services to GBV/DV victims and survivors in Mongolia. The findings of the study will provide data and evidence on VAW to inform strategic planning, resource allocations, policy and legislative development, response and preventions programming. The selected consultants will be responsible for the following, in close collaboration with the advisory panel:

  • Analyse the Mongolian legislations including what the existing responses and obligations are being provided by the government in response to GBV/DV;
  • Map out the route of help sought out by individual women (i.e., who do they go to for help – family, neighbours, police, elders, health facilities/ professionals, OSSCs, shelters, etc.). 
  • Conduct a baseline study of measuring the current level of budgets and expenditures both at national and sub-national levels in providing essential services to victims of violence. The consultants may wish to:
    • Develop necessary tools and methodologies with guidance from the advisory panel;
    • Key informant interviews and focus groups discussions and in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholder interview;
    • Calculate the current level of budgets and expenditures which are used for the provision of essential services to victims of violence;
    • Produce a report with key and supporting documents in English and Mongolian.

Qualifications and requirements

  • Postgraduate degree in economics (especially health economics or macroeconomics), in particular with a focus on gender and development;
  • Prior experience in the fields of GBV/DV costing as an asset, while previous experience in costing is a must;
  • At least seven years of progressively professional work experience in the field(s) of economics, social work, public health, or gender equality;
  • Proven track record of working in gender economics and policy development in this area of work;
  • Experience working with the UN system and experience with UNFPA is an added advantage;
  • Prior experience working with international consultants or academic research institutions;
  • Knowledge of The United Nations Joint Global Programme on Essential Services for Women and Girls Subject to Violence is highly desirable;
  • Prior experience and high level of competency to produce documents in English and Mongolian;
  • Fluency in oral and written English.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit UNFPA Mongolia website located at and its social media sites for downloadable templates. Please submit your application consisting of below documents in hard copy to UN reception at address provided below, or send your application electronically to dedicated email inbox of

  • Completed and signed UN personal history form P11 (CV outlining academic and professional experience may be supplemented).
  • In order to ensure coordination of the study, UNFPA welcomes a joint and single proposal, and it will be given a priority in the selection process.  Please include the Technical proposal which provides (a) information of experience of working similar fields,  (b) concise plan and methodology to conduct this consultancy, and (c) list of similar consultancies undertaken outlining brief description of consultancy, deliverables, employer name, etc.
  • All-inclusive price quotation to be quoted separately from Technical Proposal (the quotation is subject to negotiation by UNFPA should it exceed allowed threshold).Please note that this consultancy is open to nationals of Mongolia only. Kindly note that incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified.


UN personal history form P11
Terms of Reference
Price quotation form

Contact person: Ms. Carly Teng, GBV Project Officer
UNFPA Mongolia Country Office (Floor 4)
UN House, UN Street 14, Sukhbaatar District, Post Office 46, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 14201
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