National consultant for final evaluation of the “Innovation in Maternal Health Services, Mongolia: From Pilot to Institutionalization”

27 March 2019

Mongolia CO

The Mongolia Country Office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international development agency, is inviting prospective individuals to provide consultancy services.


National consultant for final evaluation of the “Innovation in Maternal Health Services, Mongolia: From Pilot to Institutionalization” (Telemedicine project Exit Phase, 2017-2019)


The consultancy period will be for 22 working days

Issue date:

13 March 2019

Deadline date:

27 March 2019, 10:00 am hours Ulaanbaatar time

Purpose of the consultancy:
This consultancy consists of one international and one national consultants with the following purposes:

  • To undertake a final evaluation of the “Innovation in Maternal Health Services, Mongolia: From Pilot to Institutionalization” (Telemedicine project Exit Phase, 2017-2019) and
  • To produce the End Project Evaluation report, including recommendations for securing the institutionalization and sustainability of project interventions

While supporting the International Consultant, the specific responsibilities of the National Consultant are as follows:

  • Arrange meetings with the relevant stakeholders, health managers, service providers and beneficiaries;
  • Collect data and documents from relevant ministries and institutions;
  • Provide oral and written translation to the International Consultant;  
  • Provide the country context to the International Consultant
  • Guide and accompany the International Consultant to the meetings;
  • Assist the International Consultant in facilitating the stakeholder workshop; and
  • Ensure that the comments and feedback received from stakeholders during the validation workshop are fully incorporated into the final report
  • Provide written translation of the final report in Mongolian;

Qualifications and requirements

  • Advanced degree (at least Masters) from a recognized academic institution in development studies, social science, public health, youth work or related field;
  • At least 3 years’ experience  in conducting  project/programme evaluations and/or mid-term reviews, including practical field experience;
  • Experience of working with United Nations and engaging with government and ministries, preferably in Mongolia or similar context, is desirable.
  • Experience of data analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, and traceable record of producing reports of excellent quality;
  • Fluency in oral and written Mongolian and English;
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills


  • Demonstrates commitment to human development principles and values;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Shares knowledge and experience;
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills;
  • Provides helpful feedback and advice;
  • Advanced and demonstrable analytical and writing skills;
  • Knowledgeable about issues of human rights, maternal, sexual and reproductive health, gender, population, and statistics and policy research in general.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit UNFPA Mongolia website located at for Terms of Reference and downloadable templates. Please submit your application consisting of below documents in hard copy to UN reception at address provided below, or send your application electronically to dedicated email inbox of

  • Completed and signed UN personal history form P11 (CV outlining academic and professional experience may be supplemented).
  • Technical proposal which provides (a) information of experience of working similar fields, (b) concise plan and methodology to conduct this consultancy, and (c) list of similar consultancies undertaken outlining brief description of consultancy, deliverables, employer name/contacts, etc.
  • All-inclusive price quotation (the quotation is subject to negotiation by UNFPA should it exceed allowed threshold).

Kindly note that incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified.

Contact person: Ms. P.Altantuya, Administrative Assistant, E-mail:
UNFPA Mongolia Country Office (Floor 4)
UN House, UN Street 14, Sukhbaatar District, Post Office 46, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 14201
Tel: 976-11-353503, extension 3353; Fax: 976-11-353502