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Young people require sexual and reproductive health services that are accessible and acceptable for their special needs. The 6th Country Programme, 2017-2022, focuses on increasing the availability of adolescent and youth-friendly health services at all provinces and districts of Ulaanbaatar city. 

COVID-19 Response

In 2020-2021, with funding support from Rio Tinto LLC, UNFPA Mongolia has established four PCR laboratories at following sites: National Center for Maternal and Child Health; State Central Hospital #2; Zamyn Uud General Hospital and Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Dalanzadgad.

With funding from the Government of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, UNFPA provided training for COVID-19 preparedness and infection prevention for maternity services in Ulaanbaatar and provinces bordering with Russia and China such as Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs, Selenge, Darkhan-Uul, Dornogobi and Umnugobi.

Capacity Building of Midwives

The 6th Country Programme, 2017-2022, continues the capacity building of midwives by upgrading their undergraduate learning, and updating their skills on emergency obstetric and newborn care, and family planning.

Life skills education and startup business ideas for young herders

Within the UN Joint Project Extending Social Protection to Herders with Enhanced Shock Responsiveness, 2020-2022, UNFPA is supporting innovative startup businesses for young herders in Zavkhan province along with life skills education. In this area, UNFPA is partnering with the Development Solutions, NGO. Herders in five soums received grants totaling 138 million tugrugs in 2021 with an objective to start generating income apart from their livestock which, eventually, has to lead to resilience to natural disasters such as Dzud.