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Today, UNFPA recognized Ms D. Enkhchimeg and Mr N. Jugdersuren for their ten years of commitment to the organization, as well as the recent announcement that UNFPA staff member, Dr S. Narmandakh, was recognized by the Ministry of Health as an “Outstanding Healthcare Worker” in her field.

UNFPA Mongolia started providing support to the Mongolian government since the late 1970s with the provision of equipment and training to the Central Statistics Office to carry out the population census of 1979 and 1989. Support for maternal and child health began in the early 1980s and consisted of training for medical personnel and provision of contraceptives.

Over the years, UNFPA, with the support of its partners, has contributed to decreasing unwanted pregnancies, reducing maternal mortality and ensuring that young people reach their fullest potential.

Throughout these achievements, one constant variable has always remained, UNFPA's dedicated and passionate staff.

"UNFPA is incredibly grateful to Enkhchimeg, Jugdersuren and Dr Narmandakh for their commitment to our mandate to deliver a world where every pregancy wanted, every childbirth is safe, and every young person's potential is fulfilled," remarks Ms Kitahara.

In recognition for their commitment, the office staff purchased a cake, while a gift from UNFPA headquarters was given to acknowledge their respective accomplishments.

"Our staff remain the foundation for what we do as an organization. Our success is their success," says Naomi Kitahara, UNFPA Mongolia Representative.