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As an expression of solidarity with the MOH in the battle with the pandemic, UNFPA Mongolia has handed over the first 365 dignity kits out of 2,800 kits that will be provided to the government. This is a common practice that UNFPA applies in times of emergency to maintain the health and dignity of women and girls. The kits contain basic personal supplies, and they will be given to pregnant women in quarantine and frontline health care providers, who are isolated together with the people under observation at the hospitals, sanatoriums and hotels all over Mongolia.

This is just a small portion of the UNFPA initiatives to support the Government of Mongolia in the battle with the pandemic. To date, UNFPA has mobilized $700,000 USD as the COVID-19 response from various sources. Seventy percent of the mobilized resources will be spent in the health sector for UNFPA mandate areas such as preparedness of maternity, sexual and reproductive health services, and protection of health and dignity of women and girls.